I’m a better socializer online tbh

whoops I meant to leave a little time between posts but ended up leaving longer than I thought

So I actually went ahead and started the cosplay blog. By ‘started’ I mean I set up the website and made an introductory post on it. Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of my finished cosplays (and I don’t have any time or a decent camera to take any) so that’s kind of on the backburner for now. I might just start with some helpful tips I’ve learned and go from there.

Meanwhile (though I should really be going to sleep) I think I’ll write a little more about myself. Namely the fact that I absolutely suck at socialization. Yes, I mentioned that my social life is nonexistent, but I don’t think I explained just how bad it is. I’m apparently incapable of having more than two active friends at a time. And it looks like right now I might only have one. I can barely handle talking to strangers who approach me, mostly clamming up instead of making it clear that I’m uncomfortable. And I absolutely fall apart when it comes to talking to attractive people. Which is why I remain perpetually single, never even having had a single kiss.

Aside from my own general awkwardness, I’m pretty sure part of the reason I’m so lacking in the social life department is because I ended up constantly moving schools during my high school years, which kept me from forming a solid friend group like everyone else(or learning how to do so). I had another chance during my one year of college, but that… bombed miserably. For reasons.

I think that in order to cope with all this, I’ve taken to maladaptive daydreaming. I make up a fascinating life full of interesting people, to compensate for the dull life with no people that I actually have. Sure it’s not the healthiest or most productive coping mechanism, but it’s not actually killing me, so I’ll hold on to it for a little bit longer.

And again, moving to the city. Maybe that’ll be my third (and final) chance to meet people. Or maybe it’ll just cement my destiny as a hermit I don’t know


quick thoughts


I’ve been following this email guide for getting a jumpstart on freelance writing, but… after a certain lesson I’ve been neglecting it, and now the lessons are piling up.

Because this lesson asked me to start guest-writing for other people. And…

Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure that no professional company I can think of (and I’m thinking of HuffPost, Bloomberg, maybe even Cracked) would care for any of the niches I’m considering. I mean- cosplay? Broadway shows? Creative writing?

So unless I find a blog that consistently has content like that- or at least, content similar enough to that- I’ll probably be staying on WordPress. If I’m going to write for someone, I want to make sure their interests align with mine. I’ve waited this long, after all…

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Whatever I end up writing about, I’m considering just making a new blog for it and leaving this one as my personal blog. So we’ll see.

A Bit of Brainstorming

It took me a very long and irritating time to log in and now I kinda don’t want to write anymore. But want to start a habit now 

One of my biggest problems with writing is actually figuring out what I want to write(and sticking with it). This is something that’s kind of important for someone who’s trying to make a career out of writing. You know, like me.

It’s hard to think of something to write on, considering that I don’t see myself as much of an expert on anything, but apparently that’s fine for now and I can learn as I go. After a bit of poking around on the internet, I’m starting to narrow down some possible niches that I’m interested in writing on, so I thought I might as well talk about them. These are in no particular order except the order in which they came into my head.


Okay, so I’m not the making-outfits-from-scratch type of cosplayer (yet). For now I stick to just altering what I can find at Goodwill. But cosplay is a hobby of mine, as is visiting conventions and looking at other people’s cosplay. And I have put together some pretty decent outfits. So a closet cosplay blog might be good to do.

Creative Writing

Ah, my old standby. Writing about writing is kinda meta, isn’t it? I could discuss tips I’ve found for creating characters and plots, and share programs that I find useful. I could also just post daily short pieces, though I’m already having trouble with creative block so that might be a bad idea. Either way, if I go with this I might not have to change the blog title from “Art of Adoxography”…

Broadway Shows

Ignoring the fact that I have never been to a legit Broadway show! I do have a deep, near-ridiculous passion for musical theater. I could talk about favorite songs, most amazing stunts and choreography, most beautiful set pieces and costumes, best adaptations… The morality of bootlegs…

Social Awkwardness

Idk it could be funny and relatable… maybe that’ll be a side blog if I get that far

Learning Japanese

Japan and its culture are another of my great loves. Writing a blog about learning Japanese might help other people who are struggling to learn completely on their own (for example, every advice blog says ‘practice speaking with a friend’ but you don’t have any Japanese speaking friends). It might also give me the kick in the pants I need to get serious about studying goddammit confusing yourself with Kpop is not helping you and you know this

Analyzing my favorite fictional guys

Heh. This was also kinda a joke. But actually this could work. Each post could be about a different character that I’ve found myself attracted to. I could explore why I and other people find said person appealing, how stable and healthy of a person said character is, maybe do some stats….

So what’s your favorite idea? Let me know in the comments below!

…it’s funny because I was pretending like I had an actual audience. Haha. Ha.


So. I’m not exactly sure what this blog is gonna be about yet, honestly. Most blogs are about something the writer is an expert on. But I’m not an expert on anything. Maybe I can make up for my lack of general world knowledge with… passion and creativity… and personality. We’ll see, I guess?

Well, until I figure out a niche, I might as well write a little about myself.

At this point in my life, I’m 20 years old and stuck in a pretty deep rut. My job is a well known shithole and my social life is non-existent. The only thing keeping me sane is my passion for writing. I write about everything that runs through my head at a given time. Writing is pretty much the only thing I have.

But. That being said. I’ve never actually finished a novel.


It’s probably naive, but I’m really hoping that all I need is a change of pace, to get out of my parents’ house and go live for once. That’s why I’m planning to take my place with all the other plucky youngsters with crazy dreams who move to the big city and have their life finally begin. THERE MUST BE MORE THAN THIS PROVINCIAL LIFE~