Escape Act

The nice thing about my new job is that it pays more than my old one.

The not so nice thing about my new job is that it’s far away, so I won’t get to hold on to a lot of that money because Lyft costs. Another, smaller and more temporary downside is that I won’t start getting paychecks until next week.

With that in mind, and also in mind the increasing tension in my home life (because someone can’t let a fucking light go which is funny considering she’s not paying the fucking electricity bill) I’m considering booking an extended stay at a m/hotel.

I would be closer to my work, which would hopefully cut costs. I would get to experience a taste of living on my own, since the amenities make it basically an apartment. I might experience a little less stress because of home life.

The main problem is, however, still money. Though the only extended stay m/hotel is closer, it would still be an hour’s walk. Everywhere is an hour’s walk from my new job so yes this m/hotel is my best option. Since walking is not ideal, considering the chances of rain, 5am shifts, and various assailants, I’d have to take Lyft anyway, which would only be slightly cheaper per week. And since, as I stated, I’m not actually getting paid (or many hours) yet, I don’t have a solid income to rely on for now. Also I guess I have to eat or whatever so I don’t die, so there’s that to think about too.

Factoring in all that, I think I could just manage a week, but then I’d be stuck.

I’ll keep thinking. I have to make this work. I don’t want to stay here any longer, especially not after the ultimatum I’ve been given.