I’m a better socializer online tbh

whoops I meant to leave a little time between posts but ended up leaving longer than I thought

So I actually went ahead and started the cosplay blog. By ‘started’ I mean I set up the website and made an introductory post on it. Unfortunately I don’t have any good photos of my finished cosplays (and I don’t have any time or a decent camera to take any) so that’s kind of on the backburner for now. I might just start with some helpful tips I’ve learned and go from there.

Meanwhile (though I should really be going to sleep) I think I’ll write¬†a little more about myself. Namely the fact that I absolutely suck at socialization. Yes, I mentioned that my social life is nonexistent, but I don’t think I explained just how bad it is. I’m apparently incapable of having more than two active friends at a time. And it looks like right now I might only have one. I can barely handle talking to strangers who approach me, mostly clamming up instead of making it clear that I’m uncomfortable. And I absolutely fall apart when it comes to talking to attractive people. Which is why I remain perpetually single, never even having had a single kiss.

Aside from my own general awkwardness, I’m pretty sure part of the reason I’m so lacking in the social life department is because I ended up constantly moving schools during my high school years, which kept me from forming a solid friend group like everyone else(or learning how to do so). I had another chance during my one year of college, but that… bombed miserably. For reasons.

I think that in order to cope with all this, I’ve taken to maladaptive daydreaming. I make up a fascinating life full of interesting people, to compensate for the dull life with no people that I actually have. Sure it’s not the healthiest or most productive coping mechanism, but it’s not actually killing me, so I’ll hold on to it for a little bit longer.

And again, moving to the city. Maybe that’ll be my third (and final) chance to meet people. Or maybe it’ll just cement my destiny as a hermit I don’t know


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