quick thoughts


I’ve been following this email guide for getting a jumpstart on freelance writing, but… after a certain lesson I’ve been neglecting it, and now the lessons are piling up.

Because this lesson asked me to start guest-writing for other people. And…

Here’s the thing. I’m pretty sure that no professional company I can think of (and I’m thinking of HuffPost, Bloomberg, maybe even Cracked)¬†would care for any of the niches I’m considering. I mean- cosplay? Broadway shows?¬†Creative writing?

So unless I find a blog that consistently has content like that- or at least, content similar enough to that- I’ll probably be staying on WordPress. If I’m going to write for someone, I want to make sure their interests align with mine. I’ve waited this long, after all…

Oh, I almost forgot to mention. Whatever I end up writing about, I’m considering just making a new blog for it and leaving this one as my personal blog. So we’ll see.


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